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Monday, December 13, 2010


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Along this same vein, the prisoners are charged 30 cents per copy to fight their often HUGE cases. That is equivalent to roughly three hours of labor for just one copy. This high copy fee is one of the many ways that the State denies court access to indigent inmates. And of course, the court almost always wants everything submitted in triplicate. Imagine working three hours, IF you have a job, in order to buy ONE copy. Denial of court access and of due process is a daily procedure. What do these bureaucrats think that they are doing in our names?

Ed Dunn

Our son was employed, at a large California University. He held a management position in the university's very large graphics facility.

The graphics department, owned and operated its own copier program through-out the campus. Our son said the copier program was very profitable for them. They made money at ONE CENT per copy, with their machines. I don't think they charged that low price, but their price wasn't high.

It appears that many of our small local governments are "Bandits," when it comes to copies.

Congratulations to Calaware

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