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Monday, February 15, 2010


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Al McCombs

This seems to be a conflict of "First Amendment Rights" (the ambassador's), and how about the right of people "peaceably to assemble," if a government agency allows the assembly to be interfered with in such a manner (a fascist tactic)

Californians Aware

The video and subsequently emerging information such as the fact that the students had prepared little script cards make it clear that the shout-down sequence was a coordinated effort not to respond to the ambassadors message with critical expressions of the students own views—that could have been done in the question-and-answer period following his prepared remarks—buttosquelchhispresentationaltogether.Andyes,theaudienceofwillinglistenerssufferedaninjurytoitsFirstAmendmentrightsjustasmuchastheguestspeaker. These students did not invent the shout-down tactic. It has been used before by those diametrically opposed to their views, and by those with a variety of other agendas. The common thread, depressingly, is the occurrence of this intolerance on university campuses—those supposed refuges for the expression of any and all ideas for the purpose of rational examination.

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