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Thursday, August 20, 2009


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Bob Parker

"Sometimes democracy can go too far" - Berkeley Councilwoman Susan Wengraf. That's got to be one of the most idiotic notions that I've encountered - at least, in this millennium. What the councilwomen really means is that democracy is going too far if it gets in the way of what she wants. - Bob Parker, "Rediscover Freedom"


Berkeley is a bastion of the Hard Left - that segment of the party that moderate Democrats get so much flak over. The most notable aspect of the Hard Left is an absolute lack of tolerance. Remember all the juvenile namecalling toward George Bush? That's intolerance. This is Berkleyites being intolerant of each other.

Terry Francke

A defense of "Sometimes democracy can go too far" is sometimes heard as. "There is a need for finality in decision-making." True in the abstract—a truism even—but always used to cut off reconsideration by those whose position has most recently won the day. See Bush v. Gore.

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