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Monday, April 20, 2009


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Lynn Braun Marr

I am disappointed in Jerry Brown. Of course the term "harassment" is used as a kind of "blank check" so government entities with "deep pockets" can find reasons to call private citizens' requests "abusive" or "harassing," and thereby limit public access to government documents.

I urge the California Legislature to reject this unwise bill. The California Public Record's Act and the Brown Act have been in effect for many years. They spell out, already, the limits of access. We don't need to toy with California Government Code to allow a few Superior Court Judges, sometimes "in bed" with local officials, to further limit open, honest and accountable government.

I am grateful for CNPA's opposition letter, from General Counsel Tom Newton, and continue to be deeply appreciative of the hard work done by CalAware's General Counsel Terry Francke. Thank you for supporting open government and private right of access. Without watchdogs and spokespersons. such as you, our government would continue to demand greater and greater authority to operate "behind closed doors." Government, at all levels, is to be by and for the people, not by and for politicians meeting in "private chambers."

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