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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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Then, in violation of its own bylaws, the board censured the member for his negative comments, warning him not to repeat the offense.

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The role of the Courts of Appeal is not to give new trials, but to review the Superior Court record (court files and transcripts) to decide if legal errors were made. To do this, the Court of Appeals may hear arguments from each side. Each side gets a chance to make a presentation and to answer the judges' questions. The oral arguments are open to the public, but there are no juries or witnesses. The Courts of Appeal cannot review death penalty cases.

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The Judiciary is another word for the court system. It is one of 3 branches in our government. The other two are the Legislative and Executive branches.

The Judiciary’s role is to:

* give everyone fair access to the courts to solve legal problems fairly and efficiently.
* decide justly the guilt or innocence of anyone charged with a crime, and
* interpret the laws and protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitutions of California and the United States.

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NEED ASSISTANCE with this matter. The Barstow Fire Protection District will soon become a Subsidiary District of the City of Barstow per action taken on 9/15/10 LAFCO meeting. The District should not be established since the agencies involved violated Government Code procedures during the joint meeting that the action was approved. NEED ASSISTANCE with this matter. Brown Act violations took place since the Joint public meeting of both agencies held on 3/4/10 was invalid. The meeting minutes were not approved by both agencies. The 2 motions made to establish the Subsidiary District District required public testimony and it did not occur. The minutes of that meeting were not kept and maintained by the BFPD was required by law.

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