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Monday, December 22, 2008


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San Francisco is having trouble with this too:


stanley dyrector

Public Access will be going the way of the Edsel at end of this year. How sad. Everytime I enter a Time-Warner Studio of late, I sense the doom and gloom of Staff. My show, "The Stanley Dyrector Show", has been on public access for over 15 years and has used the studios. Their closure will ring down the curtain of a golden era, unfortunately depriving artists' craftspersons' young and old alike from having an opportunity to produce, create and host their own vision. I've said it before and it is worth saying again - for shame on those who have been so callous and shortsighted to pull the plug on what has become a Great American Expression of the Great American Way. P.A. Don't rest in peace. Just remember the great phrase of early American Democracy - DON'T TREAD ON ME!

Leslie Dutton

It is important to note that the DIVCA legislation enacted in 2007, provides for the Cable Franichise Fees to continue to flow to the Cities. In Los Angeles that is estimated at $25 million. With DIVCA now shifting the responsibilities for providing the public access studio/channel system to the Cities, there is an additional and additioal 2% or $5 million to be made available for such a purpose. The City of Los Angeles has approved an option that does not provide for even a single designated channel for public access. With the loss of 14 public access studios and channels this December 31st, the City's intent becomes clear, the fees paid by the cable subscribers in their monthly bills will go to the general fund and not for public access, thus silencing the public.

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